UV30 CCTV cameras,RFID, UHF / VHF Jammer 30M

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UV30 CCTV cameras,RFID, UHF / VHF Jammer 30M
UV30 CCTV cameras,RFID, UHF / VHF Jammer 30M
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Model: UHFJAMMER0006
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Customer Review of UV30 CCTV cameras,RFID, UHF / VHF Jammer 30M
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mack villemarette say: - 09/09/2013 recommend rating
That jammer is really cool, I’ve bought it to block the tracking abilities of RFID technology. The cool thing is that my jamming device doesn’t bother anyone and I’m not disrupting any important communications. I’m just solving my problems without harming anyone else. Working range is ok too, and I run it constantly and still had no issues.
JOE CHEUNG say: - 09/06/2013 recommend rating
Bought this device not long ago to block cctv cams around my house. It helps a lot! I'm not sure about the exact blocking radius but all cctv cams placed at or near my house are blocked when this thing is turned on, and it allows me to keep my private life in privacy. I haven't left this jammer to work for more than 20 hours but even during that time everything was ok and it did its job as it should. Oh, the only thing that makes me sad is that there are no handheld model against cctv cams and I need to take this jammer with me and install it in another building to secure it from the government's sneaky eyes.
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